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Why Oregon Cyber?

  • We are dedicated to teaching software development skills and practices to students from elementary school to high school.

  • Our students will not only learn how to develop computer programs, but also how to follow good engineering processes to deliver them successfully, which includes learning requirement gathering and analyzing, designing, developing, and testing.

  • Our students will learn programming fundamentals such as the rules of logic, problem solving, algorithms, data structures, and actual implementation.

  • Our students will also experience working and collaborating in a team to apply the knowledge they learn into real world practices, which is an especially improtant skill to have in any career.

The Classroom

  • We offer online classes for students to enroll and participate in using a computer connected to the Internet. There is no need for parents to drop and pick up their kids to attend these classes. This helps cut the travel cost and time, and students can learn from the comfort of their home.

  • We also offer traditional workshops for youth in their locality with the same material from our online classes. Students will learn software development and collaborate with other students in a regular classroom.

  • In all of our classrooms, students can freely share their questions, thoughts, experiences, and projects with other students and the teacher. We are open to any and all students!

Mentors vs. Self-Learning

Although anyone can study on their own nowdays with many online resources, studying with a teacher or mentor has benefits, e.g.:

  • Students can directly connect with a teacher or mentor if they have any questions about any material they do not yet fully understand. This allows them to save time they would have lost by learning the lessons by themselves.

  • Students are more motivated if they have a teacher or mentor who assists them in their studies.

  • Students get a better perspective and learn best practices from the experience of teachers and mentors.

  • Students can also share any ideas they have with their teachers or mentors to get feedback right away.


  • Oregon Cyber was founded in 2010 as an education initiative to teach youth in the community how to develop software.

  • In summer 2010, we delivered our first in-person classroom workshop, "Introduction to Software Development using C#"

  • In summer 2011, we held our in-person workshop on software game development.

  • In summer 2012, we started delivering more software game development workshop

  • In 2013, Oregon Cyber was incorporated as an LLC in the state of Oregon.

  • In summer 2013, we held our first hybrid, in-person and online, software game development workshop.

  • In summer 2014-2015, we delivered more online and in-class workshops on software and game development.

  • In summer 2016, Oregon Cyber launched new programs: online weekly classes, weekend workshops, and summer camps. 

  • Since the time it was founded, Oregon Cyber has delivered in-person and online classes and workshops to many youth from Middle School and High School.

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