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Our Academics

We are developing our curriculum and programs with K-12 students in mind so that they can easily understand the fundamental concepts of software programming and know how easy it is to develop computer programs. We want to make programming fun for all of our students!

We also want our students to not only know how to code, but also know how to follow good engineering processes to solve problems, develop solutions, and deliver them successfully, which includes learning requirement gathering and analyzing, designing, developing, and testing. Our students will learn programming fundamentals including the rules of logic, problem solving, algorithms, data structures, and actual implementation. Additionally, our students will also experience working and collaborating in a team to apply the knowledge they learn into real world practices, which is an especially important skill to have in any career.

Current Classes

Software Engineering

Learn software engineering concepts, processes and best practices 

Game Development

Learn software game principles, design and development (using Scratch and Game Maker)

Software Development

Learn how to design, develop, test, and debug software (using Java, C#, or Python)

Database Development

Learn the design and development of database and its applications (using SQL Server or mySQL)

Software Testing

Learn software test development, processes, tools, best practices

Web Development

Learn how to design and develop web application (UI, application, and data source)

Current Programs

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